Developing A Health Center That Provides Specialized Services To The Different Segments Of The Local Community Inside Rashaya - Hasbaya Region

The Lebanese war and the Israeli military aggressions have highly affected all sectors, especially health and social sectors, bringing forth high rates of widows, orphans, handicapped and mine victims. This situation has gotten worse with the economic crisis and the absence of health centers that are to provide specialized medical and health services, such as physiotherapy, artificial limbs, paralysis equipments, as well as outreach health services that make people feel protected and safe in their homes laying between mines, their so-called enemies.

In this context, our association conducted a statistical and social study in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Public Health and the University of Balamand in 1998 and 2002, based on the meetings we held with the representatives of local communities that are quite concerned with poverty issues (hereby attached is the list of participants to the last meeting held in the Khalawat Club). On the light of this study, municipal heads, mayors and representatives of all associations, clubs, disabled and mine victims suggested the establishment of a specialized center for social and health services, fully equipped with the latest technological tools needed for physiotherapy and artificial limbs, as well as a center for outreach emergency cases and mobility equipment provision.

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The present project aims at: - establishing a medical center that provides specialized medical services, such as physiotherapy, artificial limbs provision, orthopedic equipments and mobility equipments that are expensive and hardly accessible to patients. - reducing families
- To organize meetings with municipal heads, mayors, local associations and civil society representatives. - To organize seminars and campaigns in order to raise people
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World Bank, CDR, Ministry of Health and MoSA.