Socio-Economic Assessment in Nahr El-Bared & Beddawi Camps

This report presents the results of a field survey commissioned by UNRWA to the Consultation and Research Institute (CRI). The survey took place during the month of September 2008 and covered 1,817 Palestinian households divided into three groups: Beddawi Camp (BC) Residents, households displaced from Nahr El Bared Camp (NBC) as a result of the 2007 conflict, and households who returned to the NBC adjacent area following the 2007 conflict. The aim of the survey and the ensuing report is to provide an assessment of the pre- and post-conflict conditions of Palestinian households for a variety of livelihood aspects including: housing, health, education, and employment.

United Nations Relief And Works Agency For Palestine Refugees
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الثلاثاء, 1 يناير 2008
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