Draft-Proposal for a Network: “Together We Build”

In what follows we propose the establishment of a network concerned with the encouragement of public participation in reconstruction. Its objectives are the publication of information regarding the diverse reconstruction projects that are either starting or are about to start, the enhancement of an informed debate, the support of citizen involvement in this process, and ultimately the encouragement of participative planning processes within the reconstruction projects. It is our profound belief that the reconstruction has to first and foremost be in the interest of the affected citizens, and that it is their democratic right to be included in the decisions that are taken on how, and by whom, their houses, neighborhoods and villages are to be reconstructed. We think that the involvement of citizens in decision making processes leads to plans and projects that are more sensitive to local needs and thus have to be encouraged.

Together We Build Network
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الأحد, 1 يناير 2006
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Action Plan
Recovery & Reconstruction