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10/02/2020 - 4:46م

SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship, so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict society into prosperity. SPARK is a dynamic and growing not-for-profit development organization with 80 staff members that helps young entrepreneurs to start or grow their own businesses. SPARK helps displaced youth to access higher education in conflict areas. Moreover, SPARK assists post-secondary education institutions to reform their curricula to better meet the needs of the labour markets. Based in Amsterdam, SPARK has offices in among others Abidjan, Amman, Beirut, Belgrade, Bujumbura, Gaziantep, Erbil, Hargeisa, Juba, Kigali, Mitrovica, Monrovia, Ramallah, Sanaa and Tunis.

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منظمة مجتمع مدني عالمية
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Project Officer
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Berytech, 4th floor
Bshara al Khoury
Beirut , Beirut
الهاتف: 009611649555 Ext. 6390
Beirut LB
Bshara al Khoury
009611649555 Ext. 6390
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Adam Sleiman



Support entrepreneurship and employability among youth (HES) Program – Program Overview

Higher Education Services Programme (HES) is a multi-donated programme designed to support Refugees and host community students through placing them at the universities, providing them with build-up skills in economic empowerment and languages, and social cohesion activities. Through the economic empowerment component, students are receiving training related to skills of marketing, business planning and modeling, and coaching under support for startups, SMEs, and internships.

السبت, 29 فبراير 2020
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Foundation SPARK Van Diemenstraat 70 1013 CN Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict societies into prosperity. In Lebanon, SPARK has been working to develop the capacity of Students and improve their access to higher education, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and leadership development, in addition to providing support for language courses.

الاثنين, 26 آب 2019
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The Communication Intern will focus on producing and editing quality content for a range of SPARK communications in Lebanon, including the SPARK website, social media presence, and newsletter. Knowledge and experience in social media are required. The intern will also provide PR and communications support for relevant upcoming events, conferences and/or seminars. SPARK offers the intern the opportunity to work with young people from various countries, and to challenge him/herself within the context of a vibrant and growing NGO.

الجمعة, 20 ديسمبر 2019
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SPARK is looking for a person who can take the leadership to grow its comprehensive, innovative and integrated programme aim at improving economic inclusion of the young refugees, IDPs and vulnerable host community members by creating a pathway for them from education to decent employment or starting and growing their own businesses in Lebanon.

الجمعة, 22 نوفمبر 2019
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