Gender-Based Sexual Violence Against Teenage Girls in the Middle East

This report, compiled by Pernilla Ouis and Tove Myhrman, is a comparative situation analysis of honour violence, early marriages and sexual abuse in Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Yemen. It is comprised of five chapters, including 1) A New Approach: Gender-Based Sexual Violence as a Violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child; 2) Modernization in a Multi-Religious Society: Sexual Violence against Female Teenagers in Lebanon; 3) Political Instability and Nation-Building: Sexual Violence against Female Teenagers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; 4) Development Struggles versus Poverty and Traditions: Sexual Violence against Female Teenagers in Yemen; and 5) The Future: How we will Combat Violence against Children.

Save the Children - Sweden
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الاثنين, 1 يناير 2007
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Domestic & Personal Violence, Child Rights, Gender