Palestinians have been refugees in Lebanon for 59 years. They have very limited rights but have lived and still experience many conflicts. Since Palestinians in Lebanon are restricted from employment under the Lebanese law. Work opportunities available for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are within Palestinian work force such as UNRWA, PRCS, Local NGOs and small business in the camp. Most of the work opportunities are culturally female oriented. So chances for women to find job are better than men. For this reason WHO is planning to run this project which consist of :
- training for 60 women in different skills, to allow them to work from home and enable them to earn some money by doing thing by themselves around the house like sewing and repairing clothes, repairing shoes, prepare food and food catering, baby sitting, care of sick people, prepare animators, small business around house like painting, electricity, plumbing, simple carpentry.
- Raising awareness sessions on Women

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This project aims to empower Palestinian refugees women and provide quality pre school education for their children.
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