: Empowering Local Palestinian Ngos In Lebanon Working With Children And Youth Through Capacity Building In Institutional Development And Supporting Their Service Provision Programs

WHO is one of five local Palestinian NGOs in Lebanon included in this project run by Save the Children. The project targets the middle management of these organizations and provides regular on-the-job training in planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring tools and production of P.R. materials. A 12 week series of workshops addresses a range of topics such as cross cultural issues; educational support activities for children and youth; child / human rights, gender awareness and leadership.

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objectives of the project are the Strengthening of networks and awareness raising workshops for all members of the NGO community on shared issues. As well as introducing long-term changes to increase sustainability and to reinforce development capacities by securing financial and administrative support for service provision among five local NGOs.
The projects runs different activities with children and youth, such as Educational day to day program for pre-teens, painting program for pre-school children, friends program fro Elementary School Children, Children s Rights Educational Program for pre-teens, Educational club for teenagers, Health and Gender Awareness for Girls, Support for Working and Drop out Children, Annual summer Activity program, Parent out reaches initiative.
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