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Oxford Policy Management enables low- and middle-income governments to bring about lasting positive change using analytical and practical policy expertise.
Through our global network of offices, we work in partnership with national decision makers to research, design, implement and evaluate impactful public policy.
We work in all areas of social and economic policy and governance, including health, finance, education, climate change and public sector management. We draw on our local and international sector experts to provide the very best evidence-based support. OPM has more than 30 years' experience, working in more than 100 countries.
OPM is owned by its staff and individuals with a shared commitment to international development. The composition of our shareholders not only ensures that we can think and operate independently, free of a parent company or a majority shareholder that might have less socially-oriented goals.

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Miriam Assaad



As per HE Minister Majzoub’s request, MEHE and CERD are launching a national distance learning response plan for public schools. This is in direct response to the coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon which has enforced the temporary closure of all schools across the country.

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Oxford Policy Management Lebanon is doing a call for Translators on an adhoc basis.

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A small team of Certified Public Accountant to look into the approximately 100 remaining school cases and make a recommendation to the Minister for decision. This recommendations will be based upon a thorough analysis of school budgets and will follow a robust methodology agreed with the Director of Private Education in the initial consultation phase. The consultant team will work with the Director of Private Education and deliverable will be overseen by the OPM TA Team Leader.

الأحد, 5 يوليو 2020
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A communications consultant (individual or agency) to work with CERD and relevant stakeholders to develop a coherent communications plan to raise awareness and stimulate uptake of e-learning resources to the widest audience possible.

The communications consultant (individual or agency) will lead the development and implementation of a communications strategy with the aim to raise awareness on the digital learning initiative and support CERD’s communications functions in line with its priorities and the S2R2 Program.

Target audience needs to be addressed in light of the identified delive

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