The kindergarten teachers are usually chosen from inside the camp and this serves a double purpose. They are closer to the people living the same conditions.
The Family Guidance Center (FGC) was established in 1997 to fulfill the growing needs of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon for basic emotional and educational guidance of children and their families, in addition to specialized preventive and therapeutic services in the area of mental health and child & adolescent development

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The FGC aims to help parents and families in the task of supporting, educating and nurturing their children. The center provides specialized services for the children and adolescents facing specific developmental, behavioral or emotional difficulties, in addition to counseling for the parents, in return for a minimal fee for those who can afford it. The policy of the center emphasizes the importance of the family unit as the most essential support unit for the child. Every effort is made to include the child's primary caregiver in the treatment.
Child and family consultations conducted by a specialized staff, for the purposes of assessment, guidance and planning of therapeutic strategies if needed.
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أربعاء, 01/01/1997 - 2:00am
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