Daleel Madani Goes on Tour | دليل مدني يجول لبنان

"Daleel Madani Goes on Tour"

Lebanon Support launches a new meet-up series for Daleel Madani across different regions in Lebanon, first stop: Tyre, 27 February 2019.

In an effort to increase engagement with civil society actors and individuals across the country, Lebanon Support’s Daleel Madani team is hosting its first meetup event, in Tyre on the 27th of February, part of the “Daleel Madani Goes On Tour” initiative.

Daleel Madani Goes On Tour” is a series of meetups that will take place across the Lebanese territory throughout 2019, and which aims at bridging the gap between Daleel Madani and its users, and connecting with civil society actors on the one hand, and individual users of the network on the other. In addition, these open events aim to introduce the users of Daleel Madani to its latest updates and features, and how to use and benefit from the platform to its full capacity.

In the morning session on the 27th of February, the event welcomes civil society actors in South Lebanon who will be able to learn how being part of Daleel Madani can maximise outreach, enhance collaboration, and increase overall visibility of their organisation. The afternoon is dedicated to individual users of Daleel Madani who will be able to learn more about how to use the site’s professional opportunities section to secure a job, and ask any questions about the platform. The full agenda can be viewed here.

Daleel Madani, Lebanon’s civil society network, is a programme by Lebanon Support that aims to enable the sector to be more effective, efficient, and to enhance synergies among different actors in the sector. The online platform was launched in July 2006 in an attempt to provide a space for collaboration between the various civil and civic initiatives during the 2006 War. Since then, Daleel Madani has been dedicated to promoting accessible information about civil society, in a belief in the right to information and transparency in civil society work. Daleel Madani is the most regularly updated and used site by civil society organisations in the country. It gathers over 1 and a half million page views per month, and is among the 100 most visited websites in Lebanon.

Lebanon Support is an independent, non-profit action-oriented research centre for and about civil society. For more information about the centre, visit www.lebanon-support.org and follow Lebanon Support’s Facebook page, and Twitter account for updates.

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