The twenty-second edition May 2011
-Special edition entitled “El Omar kllo”/Life for all 2007-2011 that comprises:
-Table of Content
- Respect and appreciation
-The Lebanese Handicapped Union
-Ministry the Interior and Municipalities
-Ministry of Social Affairs
-Ministry of Labor and Transportation
-Syndicate of Engineers
-Youth and Volunteers
-Exhibition of decrees
-On the way to an accessible environment
-Together we accomplished
-Workshop of the syndicate of Engineers
-In motivation and partnership- Rashid Sarkis
-Determining Architectural measures in building- Samar Ramadan
-Applied Concept of Inclusive Environment – Nassib Nasr
-Production of measures and facilitating inclusion-LIBNOR
-Role of the civil society in monitoring-Ahmad Izzeddine
-The Pressing Power of Youth-Samiya Bu Hasan
-Success Stories

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The Twenty-Second Edition May 2011
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Lebanese Union for People with Physical Disabilities
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الخميس, 5 مايو 2011
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Newsletter and/or Periodical
MPDL, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperacion, AECID, LPHU