Professional Training Of Trainers' Program (Tot)

A career in training can be extremely rewarding both financially and professionally where behind every spectacular training session, there is a lot of preparation and meticulous attention to details.
However, the truly skilled trainer can turn the session into a really exciting, enjoyable and beneficial experience while involving emotions and minds at the same time.
To reach this stage as an adult educator isn’t always easy, but success isn’t just for the naturally gifted ones. Hence, it is always possible to put some effort into our personal growth and development for an enormous satisfaction that comes from working with others to help them reach their personal and professional potentials.
This program is especially designed to assist experts and practitioners become effective and successful trainers.
It helps you feel more comfortable and competent in exploring how adults learn and take a step-by-step approach to create training sessions that meet participants’ needs.
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الأهداف العامة: 
- Acquire the essential knowledge and skills for training’s implementation - Develop the training process from the preparation phase till the evaluation one - Apply adult learning concepts and customize off-the-shelf materials - Create a comprehensive platform for interaction, sharing of experiences and best practices - Involve attendants actively in the learning process - Foster changes in behavior, information, skills & attitude
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