Orphanage ( Dar El Aytam Wa Al Mosharadin Wa Al Loqataa ).

1- Strengthening the morals, understanding and cooperation among citizens of Tripoli and its suburbs - plus spreading knowledge and education all over Tripoli.
2- To attempt through the proper authority channels set up institution for knowledge education, social, health programs and offering free health services.
3- Aiding orphans, sick people, the poor, the elderly, homeless & refugees. The association founded an excellent orphanage that meets all the requirements of world orphanages. This is financed mainly through the administrative committee members & through contributions of benevolent people, and sponsorships of charitable gulf institutions; having in mind that the ministry of social welfare of the Lebanese state never ever offered any help or assistance to our association what so ever although we are legally licensed from it. The administration has rented a spacious apartment holding at least 50 children (decided by the ministry of social welfare- (orphans, homeless, and foundlings). We actually, provide full and top distinguished accommodations rated 5 stars - Totally free - This includes: Food - Living - Sleeping - schooling + fees - Health Care - Pocket money - Clothing - Full family care atmosphere - Laundry. More Over, we entirely sponsor orphans at their homes with their families, providing this group with a suitable monthly pay + unseen expenses. We, openly, kindly request good and faithful people to stand generously with us, shouldering the association and aid city orphans through contributions, helping us fulfill our role and print a big smile on the faces of orphans who have been tortured by the loss of their parental kindness. Please, watch and realize through pictures ahead, the results of what you had planted through your faithful contributions to the orphans: They are living merrily and happily ever after with promising views to future as pictured, praying thankfully to God with utmost gratitude to your contributions.
On the top of our services we offer , we strongly support and sponsor our orphans in schooling through universities in which we take care of our orphans when they got married in other words these orphans consider our orphanage as their home.

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Helping the needy people + creating lovable Environment for the kids + training them to have professional jobs in order to depend on them self with no need to others
Offering free computer courses
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ثلاثاء, 02/12/2008 - 2:00am
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