A Smoke Free Campus: Lessons Learned from AUB | Ifi Policy Series: Tobacco Control Research #2

Tobacco Control Research #2 | March 2012
A Smoke Free Campus: Lessons Learned from AUB by the AUB Tobacco Control Research Group (AUB-TCRG)
Following the adoption of a No Smoking Policy (NSP) by the American University of Beirut (AUB), the vast majority (90%) of undergraduate and graduate students surveyed, and over a third (36%)of them who smoked were satisfied with the new policy; with a full compliance (respecting the designated smoking areas) rate of 73% among the smokers surveyed. In addition, 1 in 6 smokers reported receiving a warning ticket when smoking in nondesignated areas. And, 20% of regular smokers reported a reduction in their smoking as a result of the ban. These results show that a NSP on university campuses should be endorsed.

Issam Fares Institute For Public Policy And International Affairs
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الخميس, 1 مارس 2012
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