Call For Applications - Training On Water Integrity For The Lebanese Civil Society

Call for Applications Training on Water Integrity for the Lebanese Civil Society

Organized by the Climate Change and Environment in the Arab World Program at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs

Venue: Issam Fares Institute Building, Green Oval, AUB Campus
Date: 25-27 March 2015

Background: The Climate Change and Environment in the Arab World Program at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut invites interested applicants from the Civil Society to a three day training on Water Integrity, to be followed by a 4th day two to three weeks later, allocated for development of action plans.

The training will be held at the American University of Beirut from 25 till 27 March 2015.

This training is part of the “Capacity Building Programme on Water Integrity in MENA”, which aims to develop capacities of various water stakeholder groups at different governance levels to improve transparency, accountability and participatory practices in water management in the MENA region, including Lebanon.

Participants will be introduced to water integrity and good governance principles, and their implementation within their respective organizations. They will also be familiarized with corruption risks within the water sector in Lebanon, and the tools that can help in promoting integrity and tackling corruption.

By the end of the training, participants are expected to have acquired skills to develop action plans to initiate concrete activities to promote integrity in their home organizations. After the training, participants will be mentored by the trainers up to six months for the development of their action plans. Accordingly, participants with outstanding action plans will be considered as water integrity ambassadors and will be invited to participate in a regional alumni workshop to be part of a unique experience sharing with other countries from the region.

Eligibility Criteria: This workshop is open to all members of the Lebanese Civil Society including NonGovernmental Organizations working on anti-corruption or water related issues, Media, Academics, and Young Professionals among others. General applicant qualifications should include

 Personal commitment to integrity/anti-corruption
 Ability to set time aside for the training and development of the action plan
 Relevant experience in various aspects of water resources
 Understanding of the water sector in Lebanon (preferable)
 Background knowledge on anti-corruption tools/measures (preferable)

A balance in gender among applicants will also be considered in the selection process.


To apply fill and send the application form and CV to Ms. Silva Kerkezian on ([email protected]) with the subject “Application to Water Integrity Training for Civil Society” by March 6, 2015.

Selected applicants will be notified within one week of the deadline for application.

This Programme is implemented by The Stockholm International Water Institute and partners with the financial support of the Swedish government.

For further details about the Training and the Programme, you may contact Ms. Silva Kerkezian at [email protected]

You may refer to the programme webpage at:

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