Emdad Center For Sponsorship And Rehabilitation (Of Handicapped Children)/ E.c.h.c

To sponsor children with special needs (limited mental retardation syndrome) from two months of age to 18 years in Baalbeck, Hermel, Nabatieh, and the Southern Suburb, and caring for health, physiological, nutritional, behavioral and educational aspects so that the child would learn how to take care of himself and to find a role for those with special needs within their communities.

الأهداف العامة: 
a. Taking care of those with special needs (limited mental retardation syndrome) b. Integrating those with special needs within regular education c. Conducting rehabilitation sessions for slow learners d. Conducting guiding sessions and paying guiding visits for parents to teach them how to deal with their children with special needs e. Guiding and preventive education, distributing guiding brochures on how to avoid the naissance of children with special needs
a. Opening fixed centers in the name of Emdad Center for Sponsoring and Rehabilitation (For Handicapped Children) and recruiting specialists, physicians and guides b. There are 425 children at the four centers currently who are being educated, integrated and taught professions, as well.
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ثلاثاء, 01/01/1991 - 2:00am
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35% of the students with special needs entered into contracts with the Ministry of Social Affairs.<br /> <br />