New Project With Refugee Children With Clubfoot And Developmental Dislocation Of The Hip (Ddh)

INARA provides life-altering and life-saving medical care for children from conflict areas who have catastrophic injuries and are unable to access treatment due to war.
Through this provision, we aim to reverse or prevent physical disabilities caused by injuries from conflict or living as a refugee. During 2017, INARA will be launching a year-long project providing treatment to refugee children who were born with orthopaedic disabilities, Clubfoot and Developmental Dislocation of the Hip (DDH).
This is a one-year project run by INARA. All cases will be taken on a first come, first serve basis for those who fit the criteria after medical assessment. Due to the costly nature of this type of medical care, only a limited number of children will be treated under this project (approximately 17 in total). We will be accepting referrals during February 2017. 1. Beneficiary Group Registered and unregistered Syrian refugees Registered and unregistered Palestine refugees from Syria Other refugees from Syria Lives in Lebanon and can travel to Beirut (all medical treatment to be provided in Beirut) 2. Clubfoot Virgin clubfoot (no previous interventions) Ages 0 to 1 year (inclusive) 3. DDH Virgin DDH (no previous interventions) Ages 0 to 17 months (inclusive) 4. INARA will pay for Medical testing: only when the possible diagnosis falls within the realm of our services (2 - 3) Medical equipment Surgical treatment Foot or hip casting Medication, only if related to the provision of treatment and up till the age agreed upon with INARA Logistical costs relating to the medical treatment if required e.g. transportation and accommodation Follow up care relevant to the treatment provided

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We are looking for refugee children with either clubfoot or developmental dislocation of the hip so that we can provide them with the medical treatment needed.
Medical treatment for refugee children with clubfoot or developmental dislocation of the hip.
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