Support The Running Cost Of The Kidney Dialysis Center At Hamshari Hospital - Saida

HCS provides the Hamshari Dialysis Center with the monthly consumable sets of filters, solutions, and other necessary supplies so that Palestinian Refugees can use the service for free. Refugees are not able to afford to pay for dialysis sessions, (one needs 2 or 3 sessions per week) which costs 100$/session (this is the cheapest). They suffer from bad environmental conditions which make them more susceptible to diseases. In addition, the majority of them are unemployed.

الأهداف العامة: 
To improve the health conditions of Palestinian Refugees and to save their lives by providing the dialysis service for free.
HCS director is in direct contact with the provider of the consumable sets and with the medical staff at Hamshari hospital, and makes sure that all items are available. The center is well equipped with the best machines (16). HCS is also responsible for the maintenance of the dialysis machines and the water treatment plant. Regular field visits is done by the director for monitoring and evaluation and for moral support of the beneficiaries.
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