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11/01/2019 - 3:57م

Etana's vision is of a Syria, where all citizens, regardless of family, religious or ethnic background, are free to participate in the social and political affairs of their community and country. It is Etana's belief that an active citizenry is the foundation of a vibrant democracy and the best guarantee of freedom and equality for all.
To promote the vision of an inclusive, participatory society and government in Syria, Etana is, through a set of diverse activities, 1) developing the capacity of local leaders; 2) facilitating platforms for free discussion and debate; and 3) strengthening the institutions of local governance. Only through an informed citizenry will a stable and prosperous Syria be a reality.
To advance its mission, Etana is continuously engaged in research and the development of publicly available information resources, regularly publishing online and hard copy literature to inform citizens and engage them in the growing debate over Syria's future.
Through its expansive network of grassroots organizations, democratic activists and community leaders throughout Syria, Etana is linking the country's future leaders and civic actors, and building their capacity to be effective drivers for dialogue and democratic change. The network informs Etana's interventions, ensuring that they are responsive to local requirements and reflect both the needs and aspirations of citizens.
In helping to build the capacity of Syrian citizens to fully participate in their country and its future development, Etana is also empowering local leaders and communities to cope with the challenges of the present period of transition. Cooperating with vulnerable communities and at risk groups inside the country and in refugee camps abroad, Etana is helping those in need take the first steps towards a better future through the development of communal decision making processes that serve all equally.
The challenges facing the country as it embarks on this new phase in its history are daunting, but with the full and active participation of its citizenry, Etana is confident in the emergence of a vibrant, prosperous and democratic Syria, in which all Syrians work together to perfect its nation.

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Working on a part-time basis in Beirut (Lebanon) with frequent trips in the region– under the supervision of Etana’s Beirut admin team, the Finance Assistant will report to the Finance Manager and work closely with Branch Focal Point. She/he will be responsible for maintaining financial, accounting and administrative services.

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Etana Is a leading Organization on the filed of conflict resolution, is looking for a qualified financial officer.

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