"weltaqayna..." Aims Is To Improve Youth Activism Towards Their Communities Throughout Tot Training, Awareness Raising And Joint Community Service Activities That Respond To Economic And Social Needs

"Weltaqayna.." project is funded by Chemonics/OTI (Office of Transition Initiatives) and implemented by CitiAct (Citizen Activism) which is a group of youth from all Lebanon that seeks to promote -human rights, youth participation and education, promoting rights of underprivileged people and raising awareness… The project will last for 9 month starting June 2011 until March 2012. At least 30 persons aged between 18 and 26 from the regions of Chiyah, Ein El Remmaneh , Sfeir and Hadath will participate in the project's activities that will include training of trainers(TOT) and awareness raising on several topics such as civic participation, conflict resolution, project management, photography, leadership, and e-media etc… Moreover the participants will identify a list of activities in their neighborhoods that respond to their needs and implement only six social, economical and recreational activities on monthly basis. Another two joint community service projects that emphasis on building participants activism towards developing their communities will be executed by the end of the project. After the 9 month time lapse, the general expectations of the project is to get the participants to enhance their communities and being always motivated to do so, in addition to improve activism to meet social and economic needs.

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The main goal of our project is to improve youth activism towards their communities throughout TOT training, awareness raising and joint community service activities that respond to economic and social needs • Objective 1: Provide TOT trainings and awareness raising for at least 30 youth in Southern Suburb of Beirut • Objective 2: At least 30 youth aged between 18 to 26 years old will be mobilized and divided into two groups in Southern Suburb of Beirut • Objective 3: Identify and implement 8 community projects
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