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Blue Mission is an independent Lebanese organization based in Saida that promotes and protects the rights of vulnerable populations.

The purpose of Blue Mission is to create a culture of peace and empower every level of society so that Lebanon can confront and resolve humanitarian challenges and crises.

Our approach is comprehensive and emphasizes empowerment. Our programs focus on the following core activities: medical aid, mental health, education, peace-building, and community development.

Blue Mission Organization uses a holistic approach, combining programs that target not only refugees, internally-displaced people (IDP) and vulnerable segments of the Lebanese community, but also the community as a whole, including the volunteers, activators and mobilizers working with vulnerable populations. We support the empowerment of individuals to become actors of change that work for the sustainable culture of peace.





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+961 (0)3 318 707
Blue Mission Centre
Riyad Solh Street
Saida , South Lebanon
الهاتف: +961 7 732 636
South Lebanon LB
Riyad Solh Street
+961 7 732 636
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Sana El Bizri
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Blue Mission is a non-political/non-sectarian NGO based in Saida, seeking to promote a culture of peace in order for Lebanon to confront its humanitarian challenges. The biggest program in place at this date is KARAMA, targeting refugee and host populations living in informal settlements in the South and Mount Lebanon to assess the mental and physical health needs of their residents. This program reaches around 1000 beneficiaries a month in 35+ settlements with the help of a Mobile Medical Unit. It is staffed by a physician, a nurse, a midwife, an OB/GYN, 2 therapists and 2 social workers.

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Blue Mission aims to increase awareness among residents in the Greater Saida area on environmentally sustainable practices and to increase enthusiasm for environmental issues. As a result, Blue Mission has linked up with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the National Volunteer Service Programme to create the Green Up Saida project and will conduct educational workshops for youths. The aim is to educate, for a week, at least 40 volunteers in sustainable practices to rise their environmental consciousness, and to contribute to awarness rising through the youths self-made visual content.

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Blue Mission is a non-political/non-sectarian NGO based in Saida, seeking to promote a culture of peace on every level of society in order for Lebanon to confront and resolve its humanitarian challenges. Blue Mission is now starting the “Healthy minds for all” project in collaboration with ACTED and l’Agence francaise de developpement. The aim of the project is to address Mental Health challenges of these vulnerable populations through the implementation of workshops and awareness sessions. The project will be targeting Palestinians Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinian Lebanese refugees.

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We are looking for volunteers to help us run the Early Years Education Program. The basis of the program is to provide Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Syrian Refugees who are not entitled to go to school from the ages of 3-5. This program takes places in the Library of Saida. It runs 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday), 2h a day. Activities are designed to give the children tools to be more developmentally appropriate, ready to integrate into school by the age of 7, build their social/emotional skills, fine/gross motor skills, and early literacy skills.

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The Ambassadors of Peace training curriculum is one element of a psycho-educational project, which is the current product of an evolution of methodologies and techniques generated by the staff and...