Since 2016, Secours Catholique – Caritas France has been supporting Adyan’s community department, and particularly its Youth, Volunteers/Ambassadors, and Family networks. In the frame of this support, the donor is requesting an external evaluation of the work achieved by Adyan with its networks.

In agreement with Secours Catholique – Caritas France, Adyan also wishes to use the opportunity of this external evaluation to look beyond the strict scope of its project of Interfaith Networks in Lebanon within the Community axe, and to have a look at the outcome of this project from 2012 to 2017.

The attached document specifies the Terms of reference (ToR).

How to apply

Application process
Application should include:

1. Letter of interest
2. Detailed schedule including the work plan, methodology, and timetable.
3. Detailed Budget – with breakdown of cost per unit inclusive (includes transportation, communication, and overheads).
4. Curriculum vitae

All proposals should be submitted by April 9, 2018 to [email protected]
Only relevant applications will be contacted.

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الاثنين, 09. أبريل 2018
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المواطنة, الديمقراطية والحقوق المدنية, حقوق الإنسان والحماية, الدين، المعتقد والمبادىء