Launching Of The International Medical Corps & Abaad Men Center

Nation-wide Media Campaign under the slogan
“Mest’edeen Nesma’ Haki” (which reads: “we are willing – and here - to listen”)
Launching of The International Medical Corps & ABAAD Men Center
Press Release
“Why are you only talking to me?!... go and speak to him too!” a sentence echoed in the discourse of many women - survivors of Gender Based Violence - who have always recoursed to Listening and Counseling Services (LCS). The mainstream of women organizations have always limited LCS to women to raise their awareness, empower them, and offering them psycho-social and legal support. These services, among other strategies, aim at warding off the worsening effects of domestic violence.
While men have long been addressed as perpetrators, now they are also being addressed as ‘‘partners’’ in prevention. All scientific approaches nowadays refer to the importance of partnering with men as a main condition to sustain efforts of combatting violence. Many studies have argued that in associating men with violence, we should also ensure that men are part of the solution. This has also been echoed in women’s need to positively include men in addressing gender-based violence.
Hence, The International Medical Corps (IMC) & ABAAD took the initiative to establish a Men Center as a space where trained professionals treat men with respect, anonymity, and confidentiality. Through their specialized support, the Centre’s team provide men with ways of relieving stress, identifying triggers that can make them angry, discovering possible alternatives of control, learning new behaviours, and engaging with their loved ones in a less aggressive manner. The Men Center comes as a new approach in Lebanon, and in the Middle East, to revisit gender stereotypes. The Center also aims at changing individual men and boys’ understanding of acceptable behaviors that normalize violence as an essential component in ending violence against women and girls.
International Medical Corps & ABAAD and with the support of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality are launching a nation-wide media campaign. The aim of this campaign is to enhance and promote an institutionalized referral system and to spread the word about the Men Center in the country. The slogan of the campaign is: “Mest’edeen Nesma’ Haki” which reads: “we are willing – and here - to listen”. The slogan has a double meaning of “someone is speaking to you in an abusive manner”. The campaign targets men residing in Lebanon, among other communities, in an inclusive approach to engage them in combating violence against women.
The TV spot, which is an essential part of this media campaign, portrays four male figures assuming different professions. All of these men reflect different socio-economic strata. However, all of them express their emotional stress and anger in the same way, by assimilating external stimulations – transmitted from daily routine. The emotional discharge however, reflects behavioral manners that are accepted by society and often expected from men. This in turn creates a vicious circle of violence with which the victim becomes the perpetrator.
This media campaign consists of, in addition to the TV spot, a Radio Spot, bill-boards, Posters, flyers, stickers, etc…
“Partners for an equitable society, where ALL citizens enjoy their full rights, human dignity and care”
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact
Ms. Zeinab Hijazi (IMC): +961 70 158461- [email protected]
Ms. Ghida Anani (ABAAD): +961 3 663052 - [email protected]
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The slogan has a double meaning of “someone is speaking to you in abusive manner”

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